I was born in the backwoods of rural Virginia and spent most of my early years embarrassing my parents. I moved to Boston and graduated with a filmmaking degree from Emerson College in 2001. After a variety of horrible jobs in New York, I started a web development company, SL8works, in 2002. The name was cool back then, I swear. I taught myself how to code and design and photograph and bill my clients and profit from the internet. 

In 2006 I closed shop and went to VCU Brandcenter. Two years and a grad degree later, I moved back to New York and started working at Publicis, then Translation, then MRY. In 2018 I decided to go off on my own and freelance. I've made TV, print, microsites, social stuff, digital stuff, OOH, apps...as long as I'm making stuff, I'm happy.