Bud Light Platinum

Justin Timberlake Campaign Launch
TV and Experiential

Just four days before the 2013 Grammys, we told the world who Bud Light Platinum hired as its newest Creative Director.


"Platinum Night" :60
Director: Nabil

I was lucky enough to work with Justin Timberlake to develop a companion piece to his “Suit and Tie” video directed by David Fincher. 


Yes, he smells amazing.


For the premiere of “Platinum Night,” we sponsored Justin’s Grammy afterparty in a classic Hollywood-style theme that we called The Platinum Lounge. Working with Justin and his manager Johnny Wright, I helped design and oversee the look, tone and feel of the event where JT played a two hour set.


We also created print and out-of-home to accompany the campaign.


In addition, we partnered with complex for a special Bud Light Platinum Lifestyle section that aligned with JT's new nightlife feel.


And a cameo in another commercial that we filmed along with his "Take Back the Night" video in Chinatown.